Even a cleaned lint screen traps only 75% of the lint produced inside a dryer. The rest of the lint builds up over time inside the dryer vent, becoming a fire hazard. Lint can block the flow of air, cause excessive build-up and can result in a fire in dryers and where they are located.

Dear Resident and Home Owner,

The interior of your dryer and venting system should be cleaned periodically by qualified service personnel to save you operating costs, prevent dryer vent problems and dangerous fires.

When you hire DryerVentCare.Com our technicians will come to your home and thoroughly inspect your vent system for any potential problems.

Once we have analyzed your system we will use state of the art equipment to completely clean your dryer vents thoroughly to ensure proper airflow.

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Useful Tips:

  • Clean the lint filter before or after each load.
  • Clean the back of the dryer where lint can accumulate
  • Clean (wipe down) the interior of your dryer periodically
  • Install proper vent tubing - Not plastic!
  • No flammable substances in dryer
  • Read manufacturers' warnings

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  • Important Links:

  • Underwriters Laboratories - Product Safety Tips - Clean those lint traps: UL promotes clothes dryer safety
  • Consumer Product Safety Commission - Overheated Clothes Dryers Can Cause Fires

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