January 25, 2012

These guys came out and soon found this was not an ordinary job. They went on the roof of my 2 story house several times over,crawled through the attic to trace the dryer ducts and then correctly diagnosed the problem to a disconnected tube in the wall between floors. I gave the go ahead to cut open the wall and found the disconnected and clogged pipe with the wall full of lent. They reconnected and secured it, cleaned out all the lent from the inside wall and repaired my alarm system as the wire was severed by the end of the pipe. All at no additional cost! I'm 100% sure they saved the house from a fire waiting to happen. If your clothes are taking 2 cycles to dry, don't do it yourself, get these professionals to look into your vent. They may save your house.

Dale from Folsom

April 28, 2011

I recently had my dryer vent cleaned by your company. I want you to know how pleased and satisfied I am with the thoughtful, professional, courteous, and knowledgable service performed by Greg and Tommy. With the amount of lint that came out of my vent, I'm certain they prevented something bad from happening and have added years of service to my dryer. I'm recommending you to all my friends and relatives and telling them this is a "must do". Thanks again, guys. It was a pleasure.

Janet from Loomis

November 22, 2010

I am so impressed with the timely and super service! Greg was very professional, giving me helpful information and doing the work quickly and with care. I highly recommend this company-worth $89.

Adele from Citrus Heights

November 21, 2010

Greg was awesome!! On time,efficient,clean, curteous and genuinely concerned. He even scheduled me on a Sunday! I wish all service companies were this great!! Thanks Greg.

Kathi from Folsom, CA

November 16, 2010

The service was absolutely fantastic and the team was fast to meet my schedule, knowledgeable, and great. Awesome experience!

Robert Hanna from Roseville, CA.

November 18, 2010

Just a quick note to thank you for the excellent job you did yesterday.FYI.. I've sent a e-mail re your service and quality of work to 15 of our friends.Thanks again..

Pete Luzi from El Dorado Hills

September 22, 2010

Greg and his team are fabulous. As an apartment manager, they made cleaning 104 dryer vents a breeze. This project was completed over 2 days working with my schedule and even providing the notices necessary for informing my residents! They were so fast & efficient the residents didnt even notice them. They are the only company I will have service my own home.

Jennifer Myers - Oak Ridge Apartments from Sacramento

September 15, 2010

I first spoke to Robin to make an appt. Robin was very efficient, polite and bubbly. Then the owner Greg and his assistant Mars came to my house and cleaned my dryer and dryer vent. They were both sooo nice. Greg explained everything. My dryer was not drying in a timely manner. You should of seen the lent that came out of my vent! It was gross! Greg showed me where the lent had already started burning inside the dryer. Yikes! I want to thank this company for preventing a terrible fire in my home. After the work was done he wiped the floors and cleaned up behind himself outside. For no extra charge he even cut the metal thing sticking out of the wall and shortened my silver hose. I would recommend this company to anyone. What a great crew!

Kimberly Austin from Rancho Cordova

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